Imagine knowing that your high school prom is coming up, but you’re a homeless student who can’t afford a dress. The Prom Day Program serves a lot of girls, but they don’t have enough dresses in your size.

Imagine getting taken away from your parents and placed into foster care, taking with you only the clothes on your back. The Foster Children’s Resource Center gives school uniforms, backpacks and clothing to kids twice a year, but there’s a waiting list to get an appointment.

Imagine being lucky enough to be one of the fifty 3-to-5-year olds who get to attend the Preschool Learning Center for free, thanks to the Assistance League® of Los Angeles. Christmas is coming and the Founder Assisteens are throwing a party for you and your family! If only Santa would bring presents as well.

All of these programs are about to fulfill dreams, with the help of the Founder Assisteens, a group of mothers and their high school daughters who work together on these amazing programs for Los Angelenos who need a little assist.

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